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Water Clan by TaNa-Jo Water Clan by TaNa-Jo

Water Løki Clan

:bulletred: Lava Clan
:bulletyellow: Desert Clan
:bulletblue: Water Clan
:bulletblack: Darkness Clan
:bulletwhite: Sky Clan
:bulletgreen: Forest Clan
:bulletwhite: Ice Clan
:bulletblack: Mountain Clan

Characteristics : Silent, contemplative, calm, wise, balanced

On the main islands bays you can find the Water Clan. There is a big struggle between the Water and the Lava Clan going on for generations now. At first the island was pure stone wasteland and the Water Clan lived on the island but times changed dramatically for the Water Clan. Volcanoes arised and soon lava was flooding the island. The Water Clan was quite worried about their home, because the volcanoes stayed active and slowly the heat turned the whole island into a volcanoe and the stone became reddish. Some Løki felt attracted towards the hot lava and the now changed area and they decided to stay on the island while the rest of the clan decided to leave. The Clan split itself and from time to time there emerged a struggle over territory between the two clans. Customs and the characteristics changed and somehow the former members of the once peaceful Water Clan were not the same as before. The volcanoe island changed them and their characters became like the volcanoes - hot heatedly and vigorously. The Water Clan had to search for another home and since the splitting they now reside on the main islands bays. That is the story how the Lava Clan was born. The Water Clan had to search for a new home for a really long time, because most of the other areas were already owned by other clans and because of the long search for a new home the members became more and more connected with the water which made living on an island impossible. And living in the ocean completely was not possible as well, because the race still needed and needs a bit of land as well. So they decided to live in bays. That is how Løkifish evolved and Løkidragons are now able to live in water as well. The other clans call a Løkidragon living most of the time in the ocean "Seadragon". Clan members eat sea food only. There is a deep connection with the Desert Clan but not all of the reasons are clear yet. They live closely together and share a great friendship including rituals and trading.
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July 27, 2016
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