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October 14, 2013


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Custom Boxes Collection

Mon Oct 14, 2013, 8:54 AM
Hey :wave: TaNa-Jo speaking 
I decided to put all resources I know in one "Collection" together that everyone has an overview in form of a big list :) This is more helpful than searching through deviantART and clicking through a deviants gallery :dummy:


September's TOP Subs of Unframed-Nature and NEWS!:note: First, a special thank you to all of you for your utmost patience and understanding. :aww:
As some of you may have realized, I was away for the first 1/3 of October, -for good and planned reasons, though- :nod:
but then I have had a challenging time trying to return both to my "regular life" as well as to my "life" ;) here on dA, for a couple personal reasons. But anyway, I'm doing the best I can, and things are slowly improving-
but I just want to THANK YOU SO MUCH!
Welcome to SEPTEMBER 2013’s Top Submissions of Unframed-Nature.
Thank you for being here whether you are a Member yet or not!
We welcome you and your support! :thanks:

A GRAND Welcome to ALL of Our NEW MEMBERS!
:squee:  :clap: :clap: :clap:  :squee:
And a HUGE thank you to our loyal Members who have been submitting your fabulous Nature Work to our Group for a long time now.
  Group Therapy: eCSSitedginkgografix of eCSSited is sitting on Fella's couch for this month's session.
For  those of you not familiar with this series, each month we'll be delving  into a group that is dedicated to their members and giving back to the  dA Community through exposure, hosting regular events and just being an  all around awesome place for deviants to settle in and feel  welcome.
In a couple sentences, can you please describe what your group is about?
The group was founded a few years ago, when creating journal Skins was rather new. We wanted to have a spot that helps with learning or improving, as well as having a place that collects useful resources.
Back then there were more member-based events, as groups didn't exist yet and the focus was just on journal skins. These days I try to gather everything that is useful regarding deviantART CSS with that group. May it be for journal/gallery skins, UserStyles or profile customizatio

Tutorial for boxes:
:bulletpurple: I made a tutorial for adding those boxes into your custom boxes :)

Custom Box Tutorial by TaNa-Jo

Normal colorful Boxes

Sharp Sup Text Boxes by TaNa-Jo

:bulletpurple: Other boxes

Orange content-holder box (Dark font) by CypherVisorOrange content-holder box (Light font) by CypherVisor
:bulletpurple: Where it says ORANGE you can edit it to the following colors : purple, red, green, gray, black, orange, blue, white

Other colorful boxes:

Black Content-holder boxes by CypherVisorRed and Green Content-holder boxes (Rounded) by CypherVisorLight Blue Content-holder box by CypherVisorYellow Content-holder box by CypherVisorBLUE content-holder box by CypherVisorEXTRUDED content-holder box by CypherVisorTRANSPARENT content-holder box by CypherVisorWhite Content-Holder Boxes by CypherVisorLight Yellow Box by SimplySilent

Complex Boxes

:bulletpurple: Those boxes are a bit more difficult to handle

Magical Blue content-holder box by CypherVisorLight-Rays Content-holder Box by CypherVisorAwkward Speech Bubble by SimplySilentCustom CHAT BOX by CypherVisorWhite Text Custombox (Updated) by LabLayersSemi Transparent Content-holder box Tutorial by CypherVisor

Combined Boxes

:bulletpurple: Those boxes are a bit more difficult to handle and they are combined with other features

Blue Custom Box Widgets with border by TaNa-JoSharp Dark green Custom Box Widget with dark glow by TaNa-Jo
Non-Shadow Content-holder box (With buttons) by CypherVisorShadow Content-holder box (With buttons) by CypherVisor

Special white boxes / gray

FLAT Content-Holder Box (Dark) by CypherVisorShadow Content-holder box (Light) by CypherVisorShadow Content-holder box v2 by CypherVisorShadow Content-holder box (Default Bright) by CypherVisorShadow Content-holder box (Default) by CypherVisorShiny Content-holder box (Default) by CypherVisorElnino Content-holder Box by CypherVisorFlat Content-Holder Box (Default) by CypherVisor

DeviantART Boxes

:bulletpurple: You might need this for the icons in the boxes:…

DA style content-holder box by CypherVisorDA style header background by CypherVisorNEW button in Content-holder 1 by CypherVisorShiny content-holder boxes v2 by CypherVisorRed and Green content-holder boxes by CypherVisorWarning Content-holder boxes (Red N Green body) by CypherVisorBlue Content-holder boxes by CypherVisorNEW button in Content-holder 2 by CypherVisorGOLDEN TOP content-holder box by CypherVisorWHITE TOP content-holder box by CypherVisorUNIQUE RED N GREEN Backgrounds by CypherVisorContent-holder with SUB-LINKS1 by CypherVisor
ADMIN's content-holder box by CypherVisorWARNING content-holder box by CypherVisorNESTED content-holder box 1 by CypherVisorNESTED content-holder box 2 by CypherVisor<da:thumb id="387710729"/>

:bulletpurple: You can put the buttons into Custom boxes or under/ above them :dummy:

Shiny Blue button by CypherVisorBuy this Print buttons by CypherVisorSoft Black n White buttons by CypherVisorSmall wide Red n Special buttons (With icons) by CypherVisorDD (Daily Deviation) Button by CypherVisor
Small wide Grey buttons (With icons) by CypherVisorNormal Curvy buttons by CypherVisorSmall Curvy buttons by CypherVisorNormal buttons by CypherVisorBig Curvy buttons by CypherVisorSmall Buttons by CypherVisorWide buttons by CypherVisorFella buttons v2 by CypherVisorFella buttons v1 by CypherVisorWide Curvy buttons by CypherVisorBig buttons by CypherVisorSmall wide Green buttons (With icons) by CypherVisorUnique content-holder box 1 by CypherVisorYes No button by CypherVisorFair Unfair buttons by CypherVisorUnique BUTTONS with green text by CypherVisorSpecial Buttons - 3 by CypherVisorSmall wide Red n Special buttons by CypherVisorSmall wide Green buttons by CypherVisorSmall wide Grey buttons by CypherVisorTooltips by LabLayersButtons as Content-Holder boxes by CypherVisor

Special buttons

:bulletpurple: Might be complicated

Sneaky Invisible Buttons by SimplySilentCustom box hover text effect button ! by SK-DIGIART

:bulletpurple: Blinking Text :

Blink everything! by CypherVisor

Scroll boxes

:bulletpurple: Scroll Box codes

Box with SCROLLBOX by TaNa-JoScrolling Custom Box Widget by SimplySilentScroll-ception Widgets by SimplySilentScrolling Content Boxes by LabLayers

Custom box TUTORIALS

:bulletpurple: Here are some tutorials :

Custom Box Tutorial by TaNa-JoCustom Box Tutorial by TaNa-JoCustom Box Tutorial Part 1 by TaNa-JoScrolling Widgets (non-Custom Box) by SimplySilentJournal Skins for Dummies Part 1 by SimplySilentProfile Navigation Menu tutorial by CypherVisorMini Youtube Player embeddable code by CypherVisorCustom-box Background Tutorial by CypherVisordeviantID widget box customization tutorial by CypherVisorDeviation-box background tutorial by CypherVisorContent-Holder Box Floating Image Tutorial by CypherVisorPretty Up Your Profile 2.0 (Beginner) by GasaraHow To: Profile Directory Tutorial by SimplySilent


:bulletpurple: Other resources 

DeviantART - Username Symbols 2013 by TaNa-JoGallery Link Commissions by TaNa-JoSocial Share Buttons by CypherVisor
Colored Text (Custom box) - More colors by CypherVisor
:bulletpurple: You can use the colorful text in custom boxes, too!

Skin by Drake1 (modified by TaNa-Jo)
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yep :D but easy c:
NatanThe6th Featured By Owner Oct 14, 2014
It's easy after a few hours reading lots of tutorials :D I'm making my first customized box now :3
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thank you so much! This has helped me a lot! :iconspazhugplz: I wouldn't know how(or what ) to decorate my page with out this :aww:
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I've been doing this for two days, thank you!
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