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Commission Prices 2017

Sun Dec 11, 2016, 11:40 AM
TaNa-Jo's Official new commission prices 
Check the commission status of your commission, payment status and if I currently have open commission slots available on my profile page
:bulletblue: Traditional
:bulletblue: Digital
:bulletblue: Adoptables (LØKI)
:bulletblue: Profile designing / CSS
1$ = 100 deviantArt points
I accept PayPal and Points only


Trump by TaNa-Jo Erwin Rommel chalk portrait by TaNa-Jo Hugh Laurie chalk portrait by TaNa-Jo Reinhard Heydrich Portrait by TaNa-Jo
Portrait: 30$/ 3,000 dA points

Peeta - Josh Hutcherson by TaNa-Jo

Mature Content

Heinz Fritzsche Commission by TaNa-Jo

Mature Content

Commission for shinnp by TaNa-Jo

Traditional drawing digitally colourized: 10$/ 1,000 dA points

Tobi headshot by TaNa-Jo Kakashi and Obito by TaNa-Jo Dragon by TaNa-Jo
Traditional drawing: 10$/ 1,000 dA points per character

Der Morgen - The morning by TaNa-Jo Water colour ocean by TaNa-Jo Gosudarstvenny Istoricheskiy muzyey by TaNa-Jo Saint Basil's Cathedral by TaNa-Jo
Complicated traditional works: 30- 40$/ 3,000 - 4,000 dA points

Lion King Skar by TaNa-Jo CM Kida by TaNa-Jo Hetalia head sketches by TaNa-Jo
Sketch(es): 8$/ 800 dA points


Dark Prussia Hetalia by TaNa-Jo Renji in casual clothes by TaNa-Jo Renji by TaNa-Jo
Digital per person: 15$/ 1,500 dA points

Chibi Kylo Ren by TaNa-Jo Chibi Prussia by TaNa-Jo Renji chibi by TaNa-Jo
Chibi: 15$/ 1,500 dA points

Fox Oc sketch by TaNa-Jo #094 Gengar by TaNa-Jo #686 Inkay by TaNa-Jo #037 Vulpix by TaNa-Jo
"Sketch", Pokèmon: 14$/ 1,400 dA points

Adoptables (LØKI)

My adoptable species :meow:

Check out both tickets for prices

Example of one form:

CLOSED red white Loki Sea Dragon character adopt by TaNa-Jo CLOSED Green white Loki Dragon character adopt by TaNa-Jo CLOSED green LOKI character adoptable auction by TaNa-Jo

Profile designing / CSS

Rainbow  custom box commission by TaNa-Jo Space custom box commission for Lazarian96 by TaNa-Jo Flowers Custom Box Background by TaNa-Jo White Splattern Custom Box Background by TaNa-Jo White custom box background by TaNa-Jo
Custom box background: 7$/ 700 dA points

Pink custom box code by TaNa-Jo Blue floral custom box design with psd file by TaNa-Jo Space custom box code by TaNa-Jo White Color Custom Box Code by TaNa-Jo
Finished designed custom box: 10$/ 1,000 dA points

Serendiipitii profile design commission by TaNa-Jo kirasutcliff19 Profile design commission by TaNa-Jo Profile design by TaNa-Jo
Complete profile design commission: starting at 25$/ 2,500 dA points

Seopai Journal Skin Commission by TaNa-Jo Eis-Blasich Journal Skin by TaNa-Jo hallowenkittiy journal skin commission by TaNa-Jo PR0XYFR34K's Journal Skin Commission by TaNa-Jo My Little Pony Journal skin by TaNa-Jo
Journal Skin: 9$/ 900 dA points

Blue Gallery CSS by TaNa-Jo Purple Gallery CSS by TaNa-Jo
Gallery CSS: 8$/ 800 dA points

Any questions? Feel free to ask me here per comment or in a note :huggle:

IllyDragonfly Featured By Owner Edited 3 days ago   General Artist
Just wondering, do you do creepy/vintage looking journal skins? I'm checking different artists on dA for a new skin usable for our group :iconmadmen-asylum: something all the admins would use (at the moment it's just two of us) and if possible non Core members should be able to use it as well.
EquestrianSketcher Featured By Owner Jun 22, 2017  Student Digital Artist
How much is the journal one if I only wish the coding and I have all the assets ready. Is it still the same price?
TaNa-Jo Featured By Owner Jul 1, 2017  Student Artist
depends on the skin you want ^^
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