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June 10, 2013
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Toris felt a bit guilty when he left the floor. But he had to call his sister.

When he entered the floor he heard the sound of Russia’s breathing. It was slow and when he looked at his face it wasn’t peaceful as normal. No his face looked tired and stressed. His daughter was sleeping in his arm and this view made Toris feel very odd. A man who hit him with fun and the dark cruel side wasn’t able to see here, no, nobody would think of it. Somewhere Toris was concerned that he would hit the little girl for misbehave or else. But then he thought how Russia behaved in her presence. Mr.Russia definitely wasn’t prepared for something like a child, he could handle cruel and hard wars and winters but a little girl was way too heavy for him to handle.

Latvia was about to clean up the house. Since the girl was here he had to do much more. Everywhere blankets and toys on the ground.

They had to put blankets on the ground everywhere, because ______ liked it to play and to sleep on the ground. Ivan had to put her every time into her bed or the couch. He removed all dangerous things and his beloved weapons what made him feel like a little kid. Ivan loved his weapons and to put the alcohol away of every room and put it into one special room for it made his heart ache. But for _____ it was worth it. For Maria he wanted to do his best. He could see himself in this little kid and it was so helpless without Ivan.

When Ivan opened his eyes all he saw was white. It was the ceiling he stared at. Then he recognized the weight on his right arm. _______ was still sleeping and hiding her face in the scarf. She took it with her everywhere and it was something like her teddy bear. Of course it was very long but she turned it into a ball or hugged it. Ivan nearly grabbed to the place where his scarf was before but he knew she had it; his neck was plane, no scarf.

How would Ukraine think about it?

He stopped breathing for a second. His sisters….

‘How can I explain it to them…especially Belarus. Oh god I hope she is nice to ______. She is my daughter, a part of me so there is no other way that Belarus must like her.'

He stared into the air. “Well I am still so tired. Little one you really are exhausting.”

It was evening and dark outside. Estonia must be finished with cooking the meal soon.

Russia stroked ________’s hair and when she opened her purple eyes they both smiled. It was the same smile.

“Mr.Russia it is time for dinner. I also prepared the food for _______.” Estonia said with a shaky voice.

“Hm thank you, we are coming.” Ivan replied tiredly.

He pressed ________ against his chest while he was standing up. She was able to walk but he loved to hold her. She put her arms around him.

“Time for dinner _______. Are you hungry?”

She looked back at him and she squeaked happily.

Ivan smiled and went into the dining room. The food was already served. He sat down his daughter next to him and put a napkin around her neck. Ivan put the bowl of mashed carrots and fed her. When she was full and not hungry anymore he finally could eat his own soup.

Ivan used to go to bed directly after dinner since he was father. At first it felt like he was a little kid but it was a good decision, because in the middle of the night ______ would start crying. Such a powerful kid. The crying would hold on until the late morning.

So he went upstairs and put her into her bed, the scarf beside her.

Ukraine took the first plane after Toris had called her to come over. She wanted to visit his brother anyway but the call confused her in a very negative way. Why should she come alone? And with whom should she come not? – With Belarus? She didn’t even know where exactly her younger sister was.

She was sitting in a plane right now and when she looked at the little board television only some more minutes were left. But it was snowing so she would arrive to Ivan’s house in the morning. In Moscow traffic was always heavy.

The whole time she thought about her brother and what could bother HIM.

Toris sounded worried and his voice was stressed.

What could bother Ivan? Never something bothered him before that call today; she really was worried about her older brother now.

The morning started like Ivan thought. In the middle of the night, it was almost 4am _______ cried. She hated being without him, it seemed like that to him, because she cried every time when she was alone and she would only stop crying when Ivan held her.

Then he went into the kitchen, prepared warm milk and some food to calm her down. Again he was tired. Those times of no sleep began to exhaust him.

Suddenly he heard the door. Confused he looked at the clock in the kitchen. “6:15am and someone is in front of my house?” He wondered and stroked his daughters’ hair.

When her brother opened the door, Ukraine awaited her brother in his coat or his night gown. His night gown wasn’t very different of his coat in the design. And he usually wore the scarf she gave to him. Always smiling and hiding most of his emotions.

But what she saw now let her drop her mouth.

A tired Russia opened the door. His hair tousled and oily. The purple eyes looked tired and stressed and under the eyes dark eye rings. His face looked exhausted and tired. And the t-shirt he had put on, - a t-shirt, she never had saw him in one before, was grey and dirty. It seemed like he was wearing it for some days now. And what she confused the most was that he hadn’t his scarf. She couldn’t remember when he didn’t wear it. All in all he looked terrible.

“Ivan.” She breathed.

“Sister. What are you doing here? Welcome! Please come in!” Ivan said with a tired voice.

“Hello brother, you look awful! Why are you awake? I thought Lithuania would open the door, never had I expected you to open the door. I am so sorry to wake you up at this time.”

“Oh no problem, you are always welcome.” Ivan was a little bit confused and feared how to explain _______ to her.

This problem cleared by itself when ______ yelled for him.


Yes she already knew this word and some more others.

Ukraine looked at him. He could not read her thoughts but her eyes shone.

“Wait a second, Katyusha please.” Ivan said and went into the kitchen.

After some seconds she decided to follow him. ‘Papa?!’ Did she hear right?

Her eyes widened when she saw her little brother holding a little girl in his arms with a lovely smile on his face. She had never seen him like this before. And when she heard him say “Yes daddy is here…” her mouth dropped and she made a sound of shock.

Ivan turned around and his smile turned into a slim one.

Katyusha looked at the little kid he was carrying and her eyes widened. The girl- the child obviously was one, looked at her and the purple eyes drilled into her soul. Her face and her hair looked so much like her brother’s. His hair and his eyes.

“Ivan Braginsky you have to explain me something now, don’t you think?”

“Uhm…well…I…yes. Okay I-“He started nervously.

“But at first you will take a shower, you smell terrible awful! And go sleep after that. We will talk later.”

He just nodded and took his daughter with him upstairs.

Ukraine recognized the mess. Everywhere blankets and toys. She sighted and sat down in the living room. ‘I’ve never thought my brother would allow such thing. Never.’

Meanwhile Ivan took a shower and when he was finished he felt much better. After he put ____ in her bed he went to the bathroom. When he looked into the mirror he was shocked. His eyes dark with eye rings and his hair fell into his eyes. His whole face looked pure tired and exhausted. It was the first time he was shocked; shocked by himself.

After that he went into his room and lay down on his bed. Some seconds later he fell asleep.

When he awoke he felt powerful as always. Just a normal day and soon he would continue with work. Treating Lithuania a bit and -… no, there was something else. A demand- a huge demand to see someone. Finally he remembered - ______! The time without her made his heart ache; he had to touch her soft skin and her beautiful hair.

He looked outside, it was evening. Ivan slept from the morning until late evening.

With a new fresh t-shirt he stepped down.

Katyusha was sitting in the living room eating some soup while talking with Toris. When Toris saw Ivan he stood up, bowed and went off.

________ squeaked happily when she saw her father. He picked her up and she laughed lovely in his arms. He kissed her on her forehead and put _______ down. “Go and play little one.”

Russia turned around to his older sister. She looked not very amused about that but there was something like surprise in her eyes.

He sat down.

“So Ivan…what is the meaning of this all? She called you “Papa” and she obviously is looking like you. She has your eyes, I saw that. But why do you have a daughter? Are you insane?! You are a country!”

She said with bit anger in her voice.

“Hey! It was not my choice sister. And yes…she…..s-she is m-my d-daughter. I know countries having children is rare but it is not forbidden! I really love her, she is a part of me, can’t you understand?”

“Sure but Ivan why?! …Maria…???”

“Da. I didn’t know she was … pregnant and this I think was the reason why she left. She said that she would know it that I would never allow her to keep the child. And I am not sure if that’s true but now I definitely never would have done it.
That is what happened (…)”

When he told her what happened and showed her the letter Maria wrote Katyusha nodded.

“I see Ivan, I see. You can’t handle it all alone, so I will help you with carrying her for the first time. When she reached a special age you can handle her all alone. But she will need a mother. Me and Natalia as her aunts will take care for her every time she wants us to see. Oh Natalia I will tell her soon okay? Leave it to me, she will not hate her, I think she will love her like a third sister, I think. You know ______ is a really cute one; she looks so much like you and Maria. But… I think she got the creepy side of you, too.”

“Thank you sis. I really owe you one. My creepy side? Haha well…I am her father!” He giggled and looked at _______, who was playing with a big plush unicorn.

“You are right Ivan. Come one let’s go eat something for dinner.”

“Alright Kat, I am hungry. _______? Come with Papa, food is ready.” He smiled when his daughter walked by herself into the dining room with the scarf wrapped around her. It looked so cute with the nearly 2 meter long scarf around her neck.

Chapter 3

Sorry for the delay D: It took me so long to write it ...nah... this chapter is terrible -___________-


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