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“Toris, Toris…You behaved so badly today. It makes me sad but I have to punish you. “Ivan giggled. “Please Mr.-“
“Oh no be quiet now or do you want to be punished even more?” Toris shook his head with tears in the eyes.
“Well I see Lithuania. But now it is time for your punishment.”
“We are nearly finished Lithuania .I-“A ring from the door interrupted Russia.
“What the… Who might that be at this time?  Well Lithuania we are finished for today. Now go.”  Toris did like told. He was nearly crying. Everywhere bruises and this pain… he just broke a plate today and for his misfortune Russia saw him. He knew he was not finished yet- like always but this person who ringed at the door- whoever was send by heaven.
Ivan wiped the blood out of his face and smiled. “Well, well Toris you are quite a little clumsy clot.”
He opened the door for himself and was a bit surprised to see his military officer in front of him. Normally they talked by phone or at meetings. He never thought of him who was interrupting him from fun.
“General Bolschakov. What happened?” The smile vanished.
“Well hello Ivan. It is something really important, it can’t wait. Nothing military but I felt guilty to bring you this message.”
“What are you talking about?” Ivan replied with a strange view.
“Please follow me to the car. I will explain you.”
Russia nodded and followed Bolschakov through the thick snow. He was curious about what his general wanted to tell him.
With a nervous laugh Bolschakov opened the backdoor of the car for him.
The windows were pure black and the car itself was not really car, nearly a military steel car, covered with camo-flash.
“Now what is it?” Russia asked coldly.
He closed the door behind him and sat opposite of him. “Well it has something to do with Maria…”
A death glare met his eyes. This was a topic Ivan never wanted to talk about again.
“Well…you know what I mean.”
“And what about her?” Ivan asked cold.
“We found out that….when she went away…she was….pregnant.”
Ivan’s eyes turned wide.
“After she disappeared she flew to her mother and gave birth to the child. Some days after that she died of her disease. Her mother came to me last night and told me this. She brought a child with her and left with the words that you should take care of the child and that she would be too old for carrying a child. And to prove it she brought this letter.”
Something ‘clicked’ in Ivan’s head and he was shocked. He simply sat there, frozen. What happened. A. Child. His. Child. What.
“Ivan I know it his hard but here is the letter.”
Bolschakov handed the letter to him. Ivan opened the envelope and read the little piece of paper written in the lovely handwriting of his love.

My dear Ivan, I know this will shock you and I feel bad about hurting you like this but the little life I am carrying is so much worth to me. I am sure you would not allow this, because you could not have the time to handle it and the child would be in danger, because you are so important. BUT I couldn’t resist. I wanted it so much that I had no other choice than leaving. I know my disease will kill me soon and it is my biggest wish to see the child, our child growing up but I can’t. It is a present from god that the child is healthy. Please take care of our child. I know you are a good father. The name… you have to decide for one. Believe me it was so hard to live without you all the time and I saw how depressed and sad you were. I will give birth soon I can’t wait – I am so excited! Please forgive me, you know my point. My hand is trembling right now – Oh dear I am so sorry but you won’t regret my decision. It was too dangerous to contact you, again… forgive me.

I love you, Maria

Ivan had tears in his eyes. His hands were trembling. Fast he put the envelope away in his pocket. He felt sick right now, this was so very shocking.
Before he could continue thinking, Bolschakov interrupted him.
“Ivan, I haven’t read it of course but I am sure she wants you to take care. Wait a moment.”
With a sad smile the general stepped out of the car and returned with a bundle of blankets in his arms. He holds something small in his arms. Ivan felt even worse.
‘This must be a terrible dream Ivan. You are dreaming – Yes just dreaming!’
“Here, Take her.”
“I-I can’t I mean I can’t take her. Please not, I am not sure if I can give her away if I hold her once. I am a country, how could I carry a child? I mean … oh my god… of course I am speechless but I am not the type of person for things like that…’But her wish…’ … I… Vladimir, you have two children…can’t you take her? I mean I could pay you for carrying one more kid…”
His general looked sad at him. He never saw his leader such speechless and down like now. This woman changed him but after she disappeared he was hurt so much. And now this. He felt compassion for Ivan. He didn’t want to even hold his own child for one single time although she is so cute. He took her for the night and his wife agreed with him that this child was a really cute little thing. She would have no problem with carrying another fourth child. He hoped.
“Well… Ivan it is sad but okay. I will take care of her.”
“Thank you. I don’t know what to say. I must… go now…”
When he wanted to step out of the car his view caught the face of the little child. It was sleeping but now it was awake. She had the face of Maria, the lovely mouth, the chin- everything. And his eyes and hair. Her purple eyes had some sparkles of Maria’s blue eyes but most it were his eyes. Those eyes…they directly looked into his soul.
“You know what…I will take her, she is my daughter. I don’t know why I am saying this but …”
“Haha I know when I saw mine at first I felt the same. You can’t resist. I am sure you are a good father. But for the next time let nobody know okay? I am glad you take her.”
He handed her over to Ivan.
She squeaked and smiled. “Da-daaa” She grabbed his scarf. He let her- normally even one touch meant the death of the person who did it but this doesn’t count for her. He knew her for some minutes but he loved her from the first second he saw her.
When he heard her beautiful voice he smiled. “You are a cute little one. But you have no name yet.” He stroked her over her cheek. She smiled back.
Ivan stood up. “See you and thank you, I will get this parent-stuff…someway...”
Bolschakov nodded. “Good luck. The first time is exhausting- believe me.”
With a confused look Ivan nodded and then he pressed her closer to his chest. “You are the only thing I have left.”
He smiled. “Da…I am... I …guess...”
‘God this is odd.”
She was not that old but she already had hair. His hair color and his eyes. It made him proud in some way. He opened his door and stepped in. Suddenly he froze. What had he done? How could he explain this all to the other countries and how should he handle it to be father and country at the same time?? But it was his flesh and blood.
“M-Mr. Russia … w-who is this?”
Lithuania asked. He still was bleeding in his lip. When Toris heard the door we went downstairs.
“Lithuania would you mind wipe this blood away? Children should not see something like this.”
‘Why did he say that?!’
“W-hat?! A child? May I ask why you have a child with you? I don’t understand…”
“Haha can’t you see it?”
The little one looked at him and Toris froze. He had the feeling a second Ivan looked at him. The eyes, the hair and the smile.
“This child…” He began.
“Yes it is my daughter. Cute isn’t she?”
He grinned at Toris.
Now Toris felt sick. A country and a child? He never saw something like that before and…why …why Russia?! And from where was she? Suddenly he is father? ‘That is not my duty to ask where and who … just deal with the situation Toris…just deal with it...yes....’
“Toris make some warm milk and for me as usual.” With those words Russia left the entrance hall and went to his office.
When he closed the office door he put her down on a wooden armchair. But after some minutes he took her and put her on his lap. She crawled her hands into his clothes and fell asleep. This really interrupted his work, because he had to stare at her all the time. He loved her so much- this was no nightmare, this was a sugar-sweet dream. He finally had a part of Maria back. Maria…
When he finally thought about her and the letter he had to cry. He hadn’t cried since she went away. He had cried for nights. She was his life. He never cried before in his life but now… it was different. Both...sadness and happiness. He buried his face into his hands. Tears ran down his check.
Suddenly he felt a small, warm hand on his chest. He looked down into the face of his little daughter. With big eyes she looked at him. He smiled and hugged her. She smelled like her.
“Lithuania hurry up! Is my little sunflower thirsty?”
“Daaaaaaaaa” She replied. He stroked her hair. “Yes papa will get you something to drink.”
‘Okay one more minute for little Toris.’ He thought and smiled.
A knock on the door.
“Mr. Russia here is your Vodka and the milk for her. I made it warm so be careful.”
“Thank you. You may go now, you are done for today.”
This surprised Toris, maybe this child was a good thing.
“Thank you Mr.Russia.”
While she was drinking through a little bottle for kids - wherever Toris got it from – he thought about a name.
“Hmm…I could name her like her aunts…but no...What would Maria like for a name?” Something clicked in his head.
She looked up into his face.
“I will name you ________!”
She squeaked and smiled.
“______!” She tried to reply.
Ivan smiled. “My little ____ you and your name are so beautiful.”
When ______ was finished with drinking she yawned and fell asleep again, of course it was exhausting for a small kid- all those new stuff today.
He took her upstairs into his bed but he couldn’t leave her…she was too lonely. So he went under the blanket and rested her head in his arm. She slept like an angel. He absolutely loved her. How could he even think of giving her to his general?! He should be ashamed.
_______ whispered her own name and “Papa” in sleep which made him feel so odd.
‘Well this will be a hard time…but we can handle it.”
With these words he pulled _______ closer to him and closed his eyes.

Another FF

I wrote the skript in german lesson during school :P OOOOH German is so booring -__-''
LOL In german it is so different...Of course I can describe feelings better in this language ..english is okay,too...I hope? :3
[Please if you want correct it :D]

So I was reading some boring german texts for analysis when my mind drifted to the idea of this story..why? Becausee my friend had russian at this yeah someway I built a connection...odd c:

I think the idea is cute :3 Or?


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WHat how should I know? DO you know how many kings and queens,zars(do u call them like this in english too?) were there D: Tell me xD
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Alexandra Romanov, wife of Nicholas II, mother of Olga, Tatiana, Maria, Anastasia, and Alexie.
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