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October 15, 2012
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Chapter 1 Ruby eyed stranger

Sweat ran down your forehead while you were running over a tight path in the forest.  You could hear men running and shouting behind you to come back, but you never would do that. Just took some potatoes from their vegetable garden and they followed you as you were a criminal. You were almost out of breath, but finally you took your last power and ran straight into the forest.

Branches and leafs hit your face and left small red cuts but you didn’t give a damn. You had to take this risk of being cut by small branches or leafs instead of being caught by your followers. Lilie, your little sister was waiting for you.

You had to take care of her since your parents died 4 years ago.

You were 15 years old when it happened.

There was blood, blood everywhere and a loud noise, nothing more. You can’t even remember.

When the sound of your followers silenced, you stopped running immediately and took a deep breath. You were totally out of breath and while running you had lost nearly half of the potatoes you needed for the meal you wanted to cook. You decided to leave the rest of the stolen potatoes behind and walked straight ahead hoping to find the exit out of the forest.

‘Damn, I don’t know where I am and now I have no other choice than wander around the forest to get out of it!’

You thought while walking through the tall green grass. The sky had a purple – red color when you looked into the sky.

‘It is even that late? How big is this damn forest?! I have to return home!’

You panicked.

But where was home? Which way? North, south, west or east?

You didn’t know. You began to run as fast as you could. After a while you finally saw a light at the end of the forest. A little street patterned with pebbles. The area around you was very foreign to you. Some hills and grass everywhere, no houses or people you could ask for directions. You sat down.

‘This can’t be true!’

you told yourself ‘This must be a bad dream’

some moments later you realized that warm tears ran down your cheek. You were alone once again and you let your feelings dominate you. You sat there for a long time and cried. After a while you fell asleep, because you were tired.

Something shook you and you woke up. A pair of ruby eyes stared directly into yours.


was the only thing you were able to say. But your opponent didn’t respond to this answer and said

“Why is a lonely, poor little girl lying here on the side of the street? Oh you poor thing, you should be glad that I found you. Awesome Prussia saves you from the wild of the big, bad world! You come with me!”

With these words he took your hand and pulled you next to the coach.

‘What does he think he can do with me?!’

You thought but you didn’t have the power to fight against him. He seemed strong and you didn’t want get into trouble with a stranger who could maybe help you. But you didn’t know that you were wrong. A bit ungentle he pushed you into the coach and gave the driver a sign to continue driving. Now you realized your opponent. It was a man with silver hair and ruby eyes. Maybe he was your age, because he didn’t seem that much older than you, but you weren’t sure. He had a white t-shirt with a coat over it and brown boots. He smirked at you, but you weren’t sure what that was about.

“Hey, girl, what’s your name? I rescued you and you neither thanked me nor you told me your name. That is not very lady – like .”

He said with a sweet tone.

“Hey, I never said that you should rescue me! You came and woke me up!”

You murmured and looked at him.

“Right, but it is too late now. You are mine and now tell me your name.”

He smirked again but his stare was different now. You didn’t think about the “you are mine” and responded

“Well… I am ___________. __________   ______________!”

He leaned forward and his smile turned even bigger.

“A beautiful name, dear.  You don’t have to know my name at the moment. But you will soon.”

‘What is wrong with him? He is scary. I want to leave now!’

You thought, but you knew it would be pointless. So you decided to look out of the short window on your right and shut up for the rest of the way – as long it would take.

I hope you like this chapter :)

Reader x Prussia Chapter 1

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Oh I finally decided to write my own Reader x Prussia story :meow:
I saw it very often and I loved the idea to write one,too :heart:

Sorry for my english it isn't my mother language so maybe there are mistakes ;w;
Don't hit me >.<

Ahhww I am totally in writing at the moment :D

I want to make Prussia a bit of badass :iconpervyprussiaplz:
He will have his moments ... hehe

(maybe someday I make one in English ;) )

This story belongs to me and everything came out my fantasy so don't bother me for things you don't like in it - Don't like don't red - Haters gonna hate

Anyway I hope you like it :huggle:

My beta Reader(s) : ~moon-chibi

Info :
Comission Prices | My Gallery | HETALIA CHIBI CHALLENGE 2012

I have an account where I write FFs but in German sorry for all non german speaking persons :I Check it Out : [link]

Copyright :
Art (c) - =TaNa-Jo 2012
Prussia (c) - Hidekaz Himaruya
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